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Bitcoin Showing Pattern That Previously Resulted in Significant Price Increase

Keshav, an experienced writer with a background in various niches including fiction, has found a lasting connection with the cryptocurrency industry. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the esteemed University of Delhi (DU) in India, Keshav initially pursued a career in Physics but shifted focus due to the impact of COVID-19. The transition to online classes provided him with the opportunity to delve into other interests, leading him to discover a passion for writing.

Initially, writing as a means to earn extra income, Keshav quickly attracted clients offering substantial projects, solidifying his path as a professional writer. Completing his Physics degree in 2022, Keshav has since dedicated himself to his writing career while still maintaining a deep-rooted interest in Physics. He envisions pursuing a master’s degree in Physics in the future, driven more by personal curiosity than career aspirations.

Keshav’s intrigue with blockchain technology dates back to 2020, sparking his fascination with on-chain analysis. His articles on NewsBTC often incorporate these concepts, reflecting his penchant for clear and consistent explanations, stemming from his scientific background. By providing detailed insights into the indicators he discusses, Keshav aims to educate and enlighten his readers.

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Keshav’s multifaceted interests, from writing and blockchain technology to sports and language acquisition, underscore his dynamic personality and unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.