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Bitcoin Price Dips Below Key Support Level: Can Bullish Momentum Prevail?

Dalmas, an experienced journalist in the crypto field, offers a fresh perspective on the industry. With a focus on NFTs, blockchain, DeFi, and crypto news for NewsBTC, he leverages his background in mechanical engineering and over a decade of journalism experience to produce a vast array of articles, numbering over 10,000 in the past eight years. His broad coverage spans topics such as technology, Forex, and finance, showcasing his in-depth grasp of the crypto sector.

Recognized by reputable news platforms like, CoinTelegraph, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, Dalmas’ technical acumen and analytical prowess have been highlighted. Noteworthy was his breaking news on the Ripple and MoneyGram collaboration, establishing him as a leading figure in the crypto realm. The impact of this news was significant, attracting over 100,000 readers ranging from seasoned investors to novices, drawn in by his insightful analysis of the partnership’s implications for the future of finance.

His profound comprehension of financial markets, technological advancements, and blockchain progress has solidified his standing as a respected voice within the industry. Moreover, as the founder of BTC-Pulse, a crypto news platform, Dalmas showcases his unwavering dedication to the field. He firmly believes in the enduring presence of DeFi and NFTs, emphasizing their role in promoting financial inclusivity.

Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Dalmas draws inspiration from the financial challenges prevalent in Africa, where millions lack access to traditional banking services. DeFi, exemplified by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and USDT, eliminates intermediaries, offering a solution beyond the constraints of conventional banking systems. However, the continent grapples with issues like limited internet connectivity and insufficient awareness campaigns, hindering widespread adoption of DeFi.

Dalmas endeavors to simplify the complexities of technology, particularly DeFi, making it accessible even to beginners. The narrative of DeFi in Africa is evolving, marked by challenges yet underpinned by the promise of a more inclusive financial future. Through innovation and collaboration, Dalmas envisions DeFi as a catalyst for unlocking Africa’s economic potential, driving him to uncover pivotal DeFi advancements globally.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Dalmas harbors a deep interest in technology and politics, recognizing their pivotal role in driving adoption within the crypto sphere. His commitment to staying abreast of evolving policies underscores his dedication to the industry’s maturation. When not immersed in crypto developments, Dalmas indulges in nature exploration, embarking on adventures with his family and friends, a pursuit that complements his investigative and reporting skills.

For those seeking to engage with Dalmas, he can be reached on X: @Dalmas_Ngetich or contacted via Telegram @Dalmas_Ngetich.